Phone Review: TECNO Phantom 8 – Classic Design With Cameras That Shoot Excellent Pictures

TECNO Phantom 8: Classic Design With Cameras That Shoot Excellent Pictures

TECNO Phantom 8: Classic Design With Cameras That Shoot Excellent Pictures

It is about a month now since Africa’s number one smartphone brand, TECNO launched its next Phantom flagship, the TECNO Phantom 8 and the hype that trailed the smartphone release seems to be getting stronger and doesn’t seem like going off anytime soon.

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As expected, the new Phantom 8 is an upgrade to last year’s Phantom 6If you have had a first-hand experience of the new Phantom 8, then I guess you would totally agree with me when I say the upgrade on the gadget is HUGE!

I have had the device with me since the launch and it has served as my primary device thanks to the massive 6GB of RAM and the impressive dual rear cameras. So I feel it is not going to be a bad idea if I share my experience about the Phantom 8. This review may not be as detailed as you would expect because I am just a smartphone lover and not a professional tech analyst. So, I would simply talk about what I find most fascinating about this new device. Especially the camera and the design.

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That been said, three features on the new Phantom 8 got me and I will share them with us, kindly join me.

The Design, the camera and the storage capacity are my three stand-out feature on the Phantom that got my mouth watery.

The Diamond Fire design is just phenomenal

At first glance, the new TECNO Phantom 8 looks like the new iPhone 8, so I would not pretend that I was a bit confused when I set my eyes on the device for the first time. The curves metallic frame, placement of the dual rear cameras and flash- the design is just awesome.

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However, I think TECNO should have very much in making sure the design comes with a bit of friction as device felt slippery when I held it. Nonetheless, TECNO included a transparent case which I think you will serve the purpose of protecting the back of the phone.

Lest I forget, I must mention that the new Phantom is not just one of the slimmest smartphone made this year but also one of the lightest (in terms of weight). Despite its large 5.7-inch FHD screen size, the smartphone is very slim to handle without having to do a lot of hand-exercise.

On the STORAGE department, the new TECNO Phantom 8 got all it takes to beat any other smartphone right now. Powered by the latest MediaTek Octa-core processor, a massive 6GB Random Access Memory (RAM) and a 64GB read-only memory (ROM) which is expandable to 2 Terabytes via its MicroSD slot.

It is certain that this device was not only built for its amazing design but also for extreme speed and smooth multi-tasking.

One of the things I really like about the device is how snappy and fast to command it is, all thanks to the huge 6GB of RAM. I am not the gaming type but I think people who love to play high graphic games on their mobile phone, will definitely like this device.

Camera wise- the new TECNO Phantom 8 has it all

When I first heard about the camera quality on the Phantom 8 I couldn’t believe it because how can a smartphone flaunt a massive 20MP! Selfie camera? How on earth is that even possible? Until I laid my hands on the device I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it. I took some pictures with the 20MP selfie camera and I must say, other smartphone brand has a real job on their hands to beat this unique phenomenon called TECNO Phantom 8- camera wise.

Check out some selfies captured with the new Phantom 8

The device also carries a 12MP and 13MP dual rear cameras with a TRI-LED flash that captures breath-taking images. The 12MP is the main camera while the 13MP is a telephoto one – This means you can capture pictures that blurs out the background of your object. It works perfectly well on human than other objects.

The latest addition to the Phantom clan is undeniably a strong contender as the best selfie phone of the year. It also possesses an amazing LED front flash. Although I’m not really a fan of taking selfies in the dark, people who take nightlife pictures very serious would find this particularly exciting. With no dedicated camera buttons, the fingerprint sensor on the rear takes on the job perfectly when capturing selfies and you can also use the volume controller buttons to take pictures as well.

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For its great speed processor, massive storage space, crisp design, powerful battery and one of the best camera quality I have seen yet, it is hard to ignore this high-end device from TECNO offers great value for money and a steal among other high-end smartphones.

It currently sells for N128, 000 in Nigeria and can be purchased at all TECNO retail outlets.

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