Never Do These 6 Things In An Interview


Interviews are meant to be attended with discipline and some sense of decorum. That you are skilled at your field doesn’t guarantee you that million Naira job.
Certain things are meant to be in place when planning for an interview. You will get the job given that, you avoid doing any of these listed below.
1) Don’t forget any of your Documents
In every interview, there is, you may not be requested to present any of your certificates or documents in the first meeting. Prospective employers may first want you to sell yourself and explain your understanding of the opening you are applying for, but at that, never ever go to an interview without any of your documents. It is your hand tool which will help you in winning the deal.
Even if there is the tendency of you forgetting, it is good to scan it and send to yourself and mostly have it on your mobile phone. By so doing, you’ve kept a personal copy with you, that which can be shown to your employer on request.
2) Clock watching
You wouldn’t want to do this. Watching your watch or clock during an interview is as good as telling your interviewer to rush the interview and let go of you.
You should not be counted among applicants in this category. As a matter of fact, clock watching is also distracting and will never help you to get focused. If you’ve been with someone watching his or her watch while you speak, then you will understand better what is been said here.
3) Dressing shabbily
Your first impression is not your good command of English language or your clever conjugation of sentence neither is it your outstanding performance in the university. Your first impression lies more in your physical outlook. Your personal grooming and your dressing go a long way. If properly done, it helps in securing a place for you in the heart of your interview.
For men, have your shirt and trouser well ironed and let the gators speak even as you approach the interviewing room. For ladies, your shoes should be a comfortable one, walk like a lady and not a man. In short, put all you can into your physical appearance and if need be, spray some good perfume on yourself to drive home your ‘point’.
4) Lateness
It will be quite unfortunate for you to get to your place of interview on late when you were already given the interview time. Come on, you can’t afford to get there late. Instead, you can actually plan your interview a day before so as to beat traffic or any other unforeseen contingencies. Wake up as early as you can and board the next bus heading for your destination.
5) Expressing irrelevant opinions:
An interviewer could be as funny as basketmouth™ or be the type that throws banters at you, waiting to hear you respond, but never you take such opportunity to express irrelevant opinions. Go straight to the point, hit the nail on the head and express your opinion just as you understand it.
Never beat about the bush. At times you could get excited about what you are being asked, but don’t just voice out words out of sheer excitement, do some calculations before you let go those words from your innermost.
6). Not listening or responding to the questions
Don’t get too distracted such that you won’t be listening to the questions asked you in an interview. The point is, if you are not listening to the questions asked you, you won’t respond appropriately. Interviewers want someone who is retentive and a good listener for that matter.
Remember, questions are vital during interviews but it makes the most of your interview. Really, if you don’t listen to the questions, you won’t respond to them properly. If you don’t listen to your interviewer well then you might probably not get the job.
Being prepared for an interview can be compared to you adding salt to your meal. When you turn up at an interview not knowing what service(s) the company offers, what the position you are applying for entails or not even having an idea about who their competitors are can translate to not being prepared.
Do all you can to acquire knowledge and then, you are on the path to becoming employed.

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