BREAKING NEWS!! Premier League Has Been Suspended Indefinitely (Read More)

The Premier League has suspended the 2019/20 season indefinitely amid the coronavirus pandemic and the UK’s lockdown, but remains intent on completing the full campaign.

No Premier League matches have been played since 9 March, and the majority of top-flight teams still have nine games to play to finish their 38-game season. But with no clear end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight, the league confirmed that it will not return to action in May as had been tentatively scheduled, with no estimation given for when it may resume.

After Friday’s meeting between the clubs and league officials, a statement stressed an intention to complete the season, with clubs in agreement that voiding the entire campaign was not an acceptable resolution.

It read:

“It was acknowledged [at the meeting] that the Premier League will not resume at the beginning of May – and that the 2019/20 season will only return when it is safe and appropriate to do so. The restart date is under constant review with all stakeholders, as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic develops and we work together through this very challenging time.

“With this, there is a combined objective for all remaining domestic league and cup matches to be played, enabling us to maintain the integrity of each competition. However, any return to play will only be with the full support of Government and when medical guidance allows.”

The Premier League has asked players to take a 30 per cent pay cut via a combination of reductions and deferrals. The league has also pledged £125m to the English Football League and National League, as well as £20m towards the National Health Service.

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