The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Of The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai

There is no doubt whatsoever that Ebony Life productions and Mo Abudu has taken Nollywood to the world especially with the wedding party getting rave reviews. With the wedding party 2 raking in 73 million Naira within 2 days of its opening, movie goers definitely feel that the movie has a lot to offer.

The movie which was released to the cinema in December of 2017 has so far earned over a hundred million Naira in box office but how much worth did viewers get for the money? Does the earnings at the box office actually justify the quality of acting and overall layout of the movie?

The Good

The wedding party nonso nwigwe and Daniella down
The movie brings back most of the cast from the prequel with almost all of them reprising their roles. This time around, Nonso Onwuka (Enyinna Nwigwe) and Deirdre (Daniella Down) take the spotlight through an accidental engagement that leads to marriage.

Sola Sobowale was basically the star of the part one and she still brings the fire to her character in part two. Becoming best friends with the character of Ireti Doyle seems awkward but the two of them are able to make it believable for the audience.

The selection of songs for the movie was top notch as ot had songs like Timi Dakolo’s “Medicine,” Seyi Shay’s “YOLO,’ Reekado Banks’ ‘Ladies and Gentlemen” and Kiss Daniels “Sofa.”

Michael de Pinna in the role of Geoffrey Winston does justice to his character a he perfectly blends sarcasm, humour and ignorance into an exciting mix.

The Bad

The wedding party 2
For most parts of the movie, it seemed the wedding party 2: destination Dubai was rushed. The editing and continuity of the movie appears to fall below par as a lot of mistakes were obvious. One was during the boat cruise when Tinuade Coker (Sola Sobowale) beckons on Harrison (Frank Donga) to “get the pillow from the car”.

Other obvious mistakes occurred at the airport where the duo of Elenu and seyi law acted as customs officers. They could be seen on beards, whereas custom officers in reality are not allowed to grow or keep their beards.

Furthermore, Adesua Etomi could be seen in several scenes taking lots of champagne despite her pregnancy.

Patience ozokwor comes in a villainous role and doesn’t add much more than a lot of people already know her for.

A lot of irrelevant characters made it to the part two and the truth is as much as five of those characters should have being absent. They include, AY, the village chief (Saka), Wofia Fada and Wonu (Zainab Balogun).

Ikechukwu in the role of sola was guilty of over acting in the first part and same can pretty much be said of the wedding party 2. Michael de Pinna in the role of Geoffrey Winston was also sometimes guilty of this too, but his was largely forgivable.

The jokes that were being told also desperately needed a character to bounce off of, but no one was able to step up.

The Ugly

The wedding party 2
Niyi Akinmolayan really should have done better in the directors chair. There was absolutely no need for the scene where AY got into a supremacy spat with a white dude. Even though they later made up, that scene could not join together with the rest of the story.

Nwigwe and Down successfully brought a real sense of sweetness and vulnerability to their roles which was somewhat able to make most viewers forgive the shortcomings of the movie.

Should there be a part 3? Perhaps not. But one thing that is sure is Ebony Life would rake in the money if they ever decide to make another.

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