[A Must Read] Guys, See How To Know If A Lady Is Lying About Her Menstruation Or Not When You Want Sex

Hello Guys,

Girls like to chop/spend our hard earned money and when it’s time to do the main thing, they come up with different flimsy excuses just to stop us from doing anything with them.

Well, 95% of them mostly uses the Menstruation format to stop us from touching them but today, we don decode their format.

Here is the solution below:-

So guys, whenever any babe gives you the Menstruation format again, Remove the pad and taste it 😭😭😭

No more Insufficient, sorry.. No more Menstruation format. No babe fit chop your money run again.

Guys, No lie ooooooooo 👇

Would You Taste It Just To Confirm?

I know this is little compare to what some of you do when you want to have sex 😂😂 Konji na bastard oo 😉


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