To obtain an estimate of what it costs to own and operate a vehicle in Canada these days, CAA provides an online Driving Cost Calculator that determines annual vehicle expenses for each segment in the categories of fuel, insurance, license, depreciation and maintenance.
The annual operating costs in the chart below do not include loan or lease payments, interest or taxes. The insurance portion is already included in the annual cost and the amounts shown are based on averages within the compact car segment.

Annual operating costs of a compact car in Canada


If we add an average monthly loan payment of $300 (or $ 3600 annually) to the annual operating cost of any Province and then divide the sum by 12 months, the average cost to own, operate, insure and maintain a compact car in Canada hovers around $1,000 per month, give or take.
Whether you include depreciation in the annual cost estimate as CAA did or wait until trade-in time to absorb the loss in one lump sum, the large expense of owning a depreciating asset is an inevitable part of vehicle ownership.

Car insurance is also an inevitable part of vehicle ownership. If you’ve ever had to make a claim or had the unfortunate experience of being involved in an auto accident, you already know how important it is to have the right kind of car insurance. Whether you’re driving, riding as a passenger, cycling or walking, life can be dramatically changed as a result of a motor vehicle accident..


The more you learn about car insurance and how it affects you, the more confident you’ll be when asking questions while comparing quotes with insurance professionals. As an example, when they offer an optional coverage, ask them what would happen if you didn’t take it.   If the worst case scenario is something you can live with, perhaps you can put the savings towards an increase in personal liability instead. (see below)

Mesothelioma Compensation


Acquiring compensation for asbestos exposure and the diseases that result from it – such as mesothelioma – can be a straightforward process with the assistance of a legal team that is experienced in handling mesothelioma claims. Identifying an experienced law firm with expertise in asbestos litigation to help you manage your mesothelioma lawsuit is the best strategy for pursuing your legal claims and assuring that you receive the maximum amount of compensation based upon your individual claims.

This page provides detailed information about the types of mesothelioma compensation you may be eligible for should you decide to file a mesothelioma claim, along with information about what to expect when going through the legal process.


Compensation Eligibility for Asbestos Trusts


Typically, to be eligible for compensation from an asbestos bankruptcy trust fund, you will need to meet that fund’s specific eligibility requirements. These requirements are established in advance by the fund’s board of trustees, and they typically include a specific list of sites where asbestos exposure occurred. An experienced mesothelioma lawyer can evaluate eligibility for each asbestos trust fund and maximize compensation for mesothelioma victims from those funds.

As of 2016, there are currently about 60 asbestos trusts operating in the United States, each having their own eligibility requirements. Given the large number of trusts and the wide variation in their rules, the best way to seek compensation from an asbestos trust is to consult with a lawyer who has handled asbestos trust related compensation claims in the past and can explain the eligibility requirements to you


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