#BBNaija 2018 Day 23: Housemates Struggle With The Reshuffle

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Big brother has a way of keeping the #bbnaija housemates on their toes and he has done it once again with the reshuffle which has hitherto affected some romantic relationships in the house.

On Day 22, we saw a couple’s reshuffle and that has seemed to have ruffled a few feathers as there seems to be some problems with the new pairing for Mina and Cebi.

For the duo of Anheeka and Rico Swavey, it appears that the shuffle has made them sit and reflect on how things should be from now on. Rico Swavey took time out to pour out his heart to Ahneeka. He revealed to her that he wished things could be different between them.

Ahneeka on the other hand made her discontent known and expressed her displeasure that Rico Swavey made her look bad to the other #bbnaija Housemates.

For the romantic pairs of Cebi and Mina who have been the only ones who were openly and happily attached to one another from the get go seems to have taken a dramatic turn and it appears a lot is about to change.

Nina and Cee-C specifically, seem to have a hard time adjusting to Biggie’s new arrangement. Nina has point-blank told Miracle that his partnership with Anto worries her and the reception she received wasn’t what she expected.

Furthermore, it just angered Miracle who decided not to entertain her theories anymore. Anto on the other side seems to have tied her hip with Miracle’s as she follows him everywhere.

On Cee-C and Tobi:s part, it appears things are spiralling out of control and it looks like Cee-C won’t win this battle. She self-confessed to being possessive but only attributes that to her caring nature, but Tobi is hearing none of it.

For the past few weeks in the #bbnaija house, we’ve witnessed Tobi tip-toeing on Cee-C’s feelings and mostly apologising for things he wasn’t even aware of.

However, all that seems to have reached its life span as he appears to have turned a new leaf. The new action of his has sent shock waves and ripples, so much so that Cee-C has had to beg for his attention. She even made it known that she did something she hasn’t done in a long time and apologised to Tobi for her behaviour.

As the tension continues to rise, Cee-C has found herself running out of options and slowly watching Tobi drifting away. She’s even reached out to Alex, who is now Tobi’s strategic partner. And although she’s tried intervening and advising both of them to sit down and resolve their issues, her efforts seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

He’s slowly standing his ground and being firm with her, and that is something she’s never seen before. However, she’s made a vow that come dawn if Tobi doesn’t ‘come to his senses’ he’ll see a different side to her, something he won’t like. Only time will tell if Tobi is back or not.


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